To speak with the mind,
Injection of positive vibes,
To influence goodness and creativity,
To create an imagery of happiness,
And place that’s placid.

To speak about the situation,
To encourage that after the pain,
Sweet will be the gain,
To quell the rage of heavy storms,
To influence good norms.

To speak about the environment,
To create the perfect surrounding that happy is the wave,
To offer the opportunity to breathe freely with out any lodge in your lungs,
Creating a paradise from a ghetto situation.

To spell out the vibrance of passion,
Engulfing human feeling of lust and love
Into a feeling on demand,
To explore all the realm of ectasy
And creating a heaven in the moment,
To reveal the fantasy to spice up the memories shared.

To speak to the unlucky,
To devour the pain of being lone,
To format the reality for even a minute,
To spice their stay in the fantasy and the hustle and bustle of the streets.

To speak about the culture,
To develop the ache for adventure,
To vanquish immorality amongst us,
All to create the inspiration.


With a stealthy motion
Emotions erupting
With a Volcano like vigour
Weakening the egoism
Invitation to vulnerability
Heart speared by a Cupid
Smiles involuntary appears.

Natural beauty
With a chilling smile
That swept me up and about
With her serene essence,
A face that burns brightly
With a conjuring effect
I was under her spell
Her charms strikes with much gravity.

A place

I want to travel to an unknown destination
A place only known by my imagination
Where my nature will not receive any discrimination
Because i want to create my own fantasy
As the saying goes reality sucks.

I want to be playful
And not be judged by my kitten character
Because unlike the kitten
I have one life to live, so I’ll take the risk
Maybe the life expectancy might be
Inclined to my grey days,

I want to be in the lonesome
I deserve some privacy sometimes
So i can be myself and learn to treat me
Like a king, foolish as it may appear
But you create your own happiness
So i crave for the satisfactions 0ⁿ1) of my choice.

Reality makes me frown
It makes me feel down
It never smile at my crown
Even if love is all i Haven shown
Still it make it difficult to own.


Guy in the dark

I fancy silence
The sense of peace
The time to hear how fast
The heart beats and throbs

How it invites the darkness
Where am at my potential self
With force I’ll do my worse
The low point thoughts it ranks
My full nature exposed to the eye
The joy within out bursting with smiles,

When am feeling alive
When am the guy in disguise
Astonishing moment to others
But refreshing to me
The guy in the dark they’ll name.